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Cybernetics: The Science of Mind Control.

A.I. art created by Beau Tardy ©2022 
Art, science and technology are the forces that shape our experience and understanding of the world.

The new electronic age started with radio and the postmodern age was in full force by the time TV came along. TV was invented before WWII but was held back in favor of the amplification of radio, which was radar and sonar. Since then the world has been mapped using our ears instead of the traditional Renaissance visual perspective bias. Radar has had a huge influence on astronomy, which has now led to a complete remapping of the universe and its explanation.

A.I. generated art by Beau Tardy ©2022
The other invention of WWII was cybernetics. Cybernetics has been greatly amplified today with the implementation of social media, which is the mapping of the social ‘consciousness’ including the ‘collective unconsciousness’. Radio and TV have been accelerated to become mobile ‘smart’ phones, called smart because they hurt. The electronic law of reciprocity means smart phones are receivers as well as transmitters. This is obvious in the case of Twitch, Twitter and Facebook where people transmit their everyday lives. Gaming is the new work. Flash mobs, i.e. antifa, are gaming applied to the streets. They are commanded and controlled though smart phones. They are engaged in tribal warfare much like the denizens of Papua New Guinea. 
A.I art created by Beau Tardy ©2022
Fake news is a warfare propaganda tool of using two different tracks of information simultaneously. In France there are signs at railway crossings that say one train can hide another. This is what fake news is. One transmission hides another. In fact instead of just pointing out fake news it is important to look at what the fake news is hiding.Fake news will reveal the real news by looking in the opposite direction, or askance, or peripherally as with cubism. Trains today are obsolete just as is commuting to the office or school. All work is now done remote. Smart phones are social remote controls.

A.I. art created by Beau Tardy ©2022
WWII shifted the paradigm to cybernetics, which is the science of command and control, based as it is on active tracking, or self-regulating feedback loops. This is the science of targeting and snooping. It is called 'information gathering', or 'data mining', whereby patterns are discerned and used as predictors of future outcomes. These automatic self-regulating systems are the servomechanisms that Marshall McLuhan warned us about. This has led to the ostracizing and eliminating of that which is deviant from the mean, through outright censorship, hate speech laws and now self-censorship behavior such as wearing a mask in public. This corralling towards the mean and pruning anything that steps out of the ‘mainstream’ is a direct function of cybernetics.

A.I. art created by Beau Tardy ©2022
Anyone who is popular on social media is actually a social media servomechanism; that is, a function of the ‘algorithm'. When a different outcome is desired, the algorithm is then altered, dictating a different behavior pattern. Much like Marshall McLuhan’s paddler in a canoe who becomes the servomechanism of the canoe. Content producers who upload content to Youtube or Twitch or any other social media platform are actually unpaid workers of these corporations. Thus we have a new feudal system of unpaid serfs who must respond and respect the algorithm or become outcasts and ‘TOS’-ed out. 

Terms of service are actually bills of sale for technocratic slavery.

A.I. art created by Beau Tardy ©2022
As mentioned above physical transportation by trains, planes, automobiles or ships is rendered obsolete through cybernetics. This is illustrated by the seizing of the very vocabulary of transportation by cybernetics. Thus social media websites are called ‘platforms’, communication flows through ‘channels’, IP (internet protocol) distribution is called ‘tunneling’, information is delivered via ‘packets’, browsing is called ‘navigating’, etc. Any business based on physical transportation is in difficulty today because of cybernetics, especially the business of transporting human beings. Why move when our brains can travel faster than our bodies ever will? Therefore we have reached the end of ‘travel’. The great industries of human travel are fading away rapidly. The automobile industry and the airline industry are facing headwinds they will not recover from. Displacement and the transportation of goods will be the reserve of robots, all controlled through cybernetics. 

Beau Ledoux Tardy ©2022

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