Saturday, September 30, 2017

Neo Yokio is Vaporwave.

or why I like Neo Yokio ( and positively hate Rick & Morty. )

Beau Tardy. Saturday, September 30, 2017.

America is a very literal country. We say what we mean and we do what we say. Our founding fathers were all men of letters, even newspapermen, all very well read. Our constitution is written on a piece of paper by these same men. The very privilege to write anything and everything is enshrined in our first amendment. We are a country run by writers, whether they be writers of laws, of contracts, of screenplays or of checks. The writers literally run the show. Until now.
The writing on Neo Yokio is the polar opposite of the pedantic, heavy handed, supercilious Rick & Morty whose editorial board is essentially Please deliver us from these sanctimonious, college essay driven writing stylings of today's bloggers cum screenwriters who populate new media bullpens.
Neo Yokio is refreshingly superficial, light and breezy like a menthol cigarette or a diet 7 up. It's style is tongue and cheek, self effacing, unpretentious and full of 1990s anime cliches. Neo Yokio is light on the writing, light on the social righteousness and light on the eyes. In short, it's vaporwave.
The art is where the love is. Here finally is a cartoon that recognizes that this is a visual art, not a puppet theater for frustrated pamphleteers.  From the mock 1930s Monaco Grand Prix posters, to the beautiful art deco renderings of the Chrysler Building, to the pink and blue nostalgia vaporwave skies of Neo Yokio, this is a clever pastiche and a clin d'oeil to art history.
Neo Yokio's absurdist retro futurism, the foppish cocktail parties, the mecha butler, the designer label name calling and the giant toblerones give the whole thing the feeling of an 1980s cocaine and vodka hangover that is just delightful.

 I love it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Beau Tardy/

Neo Yokio is a Netflix original production.
Created byEzra Koenig
Written byEzra Koenig
Nick Weidenfeld
Alexander Benaim
Directed byKazuhiro Furuhashi
Junji Nishimura
Creative director(s)Ben Jones

Executive producer(s)Ezra Koenig
Nick Weidenfeld
Hend Baghdady
Angela Petrella
Producer(s)Matthew Chadwick
Andrew Chittenden
Kris Wood
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Studio Deen
Production I.G.
MOI Animation
Infinite Elegance, LLC
Friends Night