Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Many Saints of Newark (2021) Movie Review

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The Many Saints of Newark (2021) Movie Review

First of all Ray Liotta looks like shit. Sorry Ray. Being a fellow goomba, I can say that. Secondly, you mafia guys being so badass and secretly running the show is such a tired trope - way past prime. Ok, we get it, we know that you could make or break (or kill) a president, and that Hollywood was basically built by people like you and we know that these movies are all in fact real stories. But Hollywood is a tired trope of its own. In case you hadn't figured it out, China is the new mafia in town. And that's pretty much ok, because nobody gives a fuck about Hollywood anymore anyway. The only people still watching Hollywood's feeble attempts at relevancy are party apparatchiks, propaganda peons and basement dwelling Netflix nerds. If your industry wasn't getting yet another government bailout, you'd basically be toast. HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + and all other sundry streaming coalitions are all that's left, and we're talking chicken bones here. When inflation finally hits and the Fed raises interest rates and the stock market crashes, all that will be left for you is to give your streaming services away for free just to keep the subscriber count up.

The weak-kneed woke attempt at mythologizing the 'plight' of black gangsters moving in on mafia turf is fairly laughable. It would have been much more accurate to show how the Black Panthers were instead being funded and organized by the Soviet Communist Party. But that would have meant breaking the glass ceiling of false historical revisionism that you folks are so busy crafting. 

To anyone who still thinks going to see a movie is a good way to spend your money, avoid this concoction like the buffet at Luby's. In fact, just give your wad of cash to the first homeless person you see and you will feel better for it and have less indigestion. Also, look into Keto. You're too fat.

God bless America.

Box Office: Gross US & Canada $8,237,403

Opening weekend US & Canada $4,651,571

Gross worldwide $12,737,403 (info: