Monday, June 26, 2017

*Free Dizzy Poster Contest!*

Win a free Dizzy poster! Simply watch DizzyTV on your Roku and win. We will be giving away 10 free posters! Check out this awesome 16" x 19" poster featuring a cybertronic Dizzy The Cat ™!
19"x 16" Full Color Dizzy The Cat ™ Poster!
Designed by Deuce Custom Farm in Sydney, Australia.
This beautiful high quality full color offset printed poster can be yours for free by simply watching the coolest show on Roku! The rules are super simple:

  1. Add DizzyTV to your channel lineup on Roku by going to and using the passcode dizzytv. It's free!
  2. Watch the free shows on DizzyTV! Find out what the name is of the YouTuber featured on the Summer Retro 80s episode.
  3. Go to Follow us on twitter and DM the answer! That's it!
Please don't share the answer publicly on twitter ;D that would just suck!

Poster may be shipped folded in an envelop. You will need to provide us with your mailing address and email. We will never share your information nor spam you with useless nonsense. You are too cool for that!

Thanks for watching DizzyTV!

disclaimer: this contest is not run by Roku and Roku has no responsibility in the outcomes of this contest.

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